According to its website, Balanced View is “a global grassroots movement empowering people to use their innate power for the benefit of all.” (http://www.balancedview.org).

Hello, my name is Walter and I was a participant of Balanced View for many years. However, at a certain point I decided to take distance from it for various reasons.

My experience is not an isolated one. Since its inception in the mid-2000’s, significant numbers of people formerly involved with these teachings (including those functioning as Balanced View trainers) have opted to leave the organization altogether or at least significantly lessen their involvement for a host of related reasons.

The process of taking distance from Balanced View was not an easy one for me, and talking with others who were experiencing their own doubts proved to be very helpful.

For this reason I decided to create this blog to serve as a public forum for participants in Balanced View to share their stories, perspectives and insights regarding those elements of the teachings and/or organization that they feel led them to either discontinue or lessen their involvement.

It is my hope that the sharing of these reflections here may benefit those either presently involved or individuals who may be considering becoming involved in the future with the Balanced View teachings.

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If you are new to Balanced View you may also want to check their website www.balancedview.org or more specifically  http://www.gratitudeforbalancedview.com/

Thank you for sharing!  Walter

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