A Balanced View pushy Salesman and his miraculous “Cure-all” – Abigail

“We can lead people to Balanced View but we cannot push them. […]

Promoting our cause with excessive zeal in a hard sell manner is unproductive. […]

When we stand up and speak out on our own direct experience […] we naturally attract newcomers to Balanced View. “

From Candice O’Denver Principle of Benefit 11,
Inspired by Alcoholic Anonymous’ tradition 11, “Attraction rather than Promotion”.

It has been a long way from the initial grassroot inspiration of Great Freedom (then renamed Balanced View) when the expansion of the community was thought to be happening organically and naturally by the sheer attraction of the results of the people involved.

When I was still involved in the training and I was a student of the principles of benefit, I got puzzled in reading the above sentences. Although email marketing had not started at the time to the extent it is used today, the “hard selling” was already very much in place.

Notwithstanding my gratitude for the support I was receiving and the results that I was achieving, the ubiquitous hype and exaggeration of results could not fit, in my opinion, in this principle.

When I shared my puzzlement with the facilitator of the principles’ course, I was told that we do not need to be shy but rather be bold in speaking out our achievements. The answer did not convince me at all, and in fact it was quite evident that the hype of balanced view’s communication was on one hand over the top with respect to the results I could observe in myself and others, and on the other hand was simply not working in terms of getting more people interested, exactly like Candice had written in the principle: “hard sell manners are unproductive”.

Determining what kind of results are really achieved by the participants of the Balanced View training is a complex matter. Notwithstanding all the claims of assessing the results, nothing more than finding testimonials for bold shares have ever been done. There is no testing activity in Balanced View because the model is considered already pure and perfect: a miraculous cure-all indeed. A fair amount of emotional dependency and persuasion dynamics are involved in what people feel and share, and they are not easy to districate from the real results. I am not denying that the training produces real results but they are far from the flat “the end of All suffering” that is claimed.

Once a friend shared with me, “Saying something very boldly does not make it true, but It makes it feel true both for the speaker and the listener”. That is, in my opinion, the foundation of the whole Balanced View communication strategy, which may qualify it as a seductive one, sometimes verging into manipulation.

This article wants to offer public evidence of the extent of hard selling that the Balanced View marketing approach has reached today. A selection of marketing emails that a friend of mine, Joseph, keeps receiving from Mr J, since he registered on the Balanced View website, is published in the following. Mr J introduces himself as the CEO of Balanced View so what he writes represents the entire organization.

Some reflections are also given with the intent to open a discussion on possible ethical issues in Mr J behaviour and the possible harmful consequences for the people who are targeted by him.

Looking at the gallery of Mr J’s emails provided by Joseph, it is difficult to match their style with the Balanced View emphasis on being a grassroot socially engaged movement. They look much like the promotional campaign of a conventional business with a strong ‘Scientology’ flavour in it.

Mr J tries to convince the recipients that they absolutely need his services otherwise they will be unhappy forever. This is how aggressive marketing works, by trying to find people’s weak spots and use that to their advantage.

In his emails Mr J seems to struggle in trying to get Joseph (and many others) into his miraculous 45 minute free call that is supposed to change one’s life forever: he sounds somehow desperate, not knowing what to say anymore to make people to enroll.

[Ed.: I received messages from people who have been in these breakthrough calls who told me they have been asked to pay from 3,000 USD up to 6,000 USD to continue with the 12 empowerments course. And they have been pushed into a decision by offering a deal for a payment in the same day or within a week. Walter]

Joseph never replied once to Mr J, but since he did not unsubscribe, Mr J kept emailing him weekly, and sometime daily, for months. Of course, although the emails are written in a very personal style, they are clearly part of an automatized email marketing system that inserts individual names by fetching them from a database. Personal connection here is fake.

Mr J seems to put his best efforts in trying to convince people that they are stuck in life, scared, unhappy, not contributing to their family and to society. A subtle blaming in my opinion.

He urges Joseph to do something about it and strongly suggests not to waste time with meditation, yoga, therapies, diets or other methods (i.e. the competition) because only his company “holds the secret” for the real resolution of all people’s problems. He only needs to get in this miraculous 45 minutes call to which he insists inviting everyone.

Not once does Mr J even slightly consider the possibility that Joseph is just fine. He assumes that Joseph must be miserable to justify his initial interest in Balanced View. He clearly targets vulnerable people.

Mr J makes a massive manipulative use of time pressure to make the recipient rush into a decision, so they don’t miss out on this unique and limited opportunity that may be taken by others. This is clearly fabricated. Note below the funny incident in which he says there are only 100 places one day and the same figure is given two days after at 8 hours from the start of the course. Their courses just do not fill up. Amusing and obviously dishonest.

His whole tone of communication is subtly sticky, manipulative, seductive… smelling of dishonesty at every turn. He does not really engage with the adult part of the recipient but rather tries to form an improbable emotional bond with the wounded, lonely and frustrated part of them. And this is done by the cold means of an emailing robot.

Look at the nagging reiterating use of long post scripting (Ps). It looks like he is never satisfied of what has just said, he needs to say it again even after the email is finished.

Balanced View shows here a low regard for people. They seem to think people are all screwed up simply because they have not gone through their training.

With such amazing results that they claim to have been having all over the world one wonders why they still need to campaign in this way to have new customers. Why isn’t the natural attraction predicted by Candice O’Denver working? Why is word of mouth not enough to spread this fire of “true fulfillment in life”? If it really worked so easily, it should not be difficult for it to spread like a wildfire. Mr J in his emails seems to blame the people themselves for it, because they are stuck in their fears and resistance.

It is also interesting, as a reality check, to compare Mr J claims and promises made in his emails with the general Legal Disclaimer of Balanced View, available on their website.

I have put together various sentences taken from Mr J emails and built a collage that I think well synthesizes the promises made to the recipients. In the following table you can see claims and disclaimer side by side.

Bold Marketing Claims
made by Mr J

Maybe you have straight-out anxiety and panic attacks? Or you’re dealing with other overwhelming thoughts and emotions, feeling anxiety and depression?

Have you desperately searching for relief in medicine, psychology, science, breathing techniques, spirituality and many other ways?

You will expand beyond your comfort zone. This process is guaranteed if there is openness and follow through.

I want you to have a real life where you have complete freedom from all worries.

We hold the secrets to TRULY getting consistent access to peace of mind and freedom from suffering

Cautious Legal Disclaimer
( to ‘save their ass’)

Balanced View offers the opportunity of open intelligence and its beneficial potency as a lifestyle choice.

Balanced View is not a psychological or medical program, and does not provide therapy, counseling, or medication, nor does it make recommendations or referrals for treatment of mental or emotional issues or disorders.

While Balanced View can benefit most people, it is not a substitute for professional treatment of mental or emotional issues or disorders, and it is recommended that people suffering from such issues or disorders seek treatment from a qualified professional.

The visitor and/or user of this website acknowledges these limitations on the scope of Balanced View’s programs and opportunities, and agrees to hold Balanced View harmless from any claims of a mental, emotional or physical nature arising from her or his participation in any of the Balanced View Training offerings.

You see how the great boldness of the miraculous results does deflate into a very cautious and unadventurous statement which I see as an avoidance of responsibility. They of course want to ‘save their ass’ so to speak, because they know that they are putting their fingers in the hot topic of mental health, which more and more plagues western societies.

When Mr J promises mental and emotional stability and says that he can free people from anxiety, depression, overwhelming emotions and thoughts, panic attacks, etc. without doubt he is putting himself into the mental treatment arena. And the fact that psychology, science and medicine are all included in the dismissive list of things assumed not to work for people, raises even more the bar of his (ir)responsibility and quite frankly shows an intellectual sloppiness that baffles me, having met him in person.

Mr J cannot get away by just using a disclaimer saying that he does not provide therapy or treatment of mental and emotional issues, while that is essentially what he promises to people: to resolve their emotional and mental issues. If he is honest he needs to take responsibility for the results that he claims and be accountable if the claims and guarantees that he makes in the promotion, do not manifest.

It is as if you promise to build a fantastic safe boat and then put out a disclaimer that you are not a professional boat maker so if the boat sinks it is not your fault. You suggest that I go to a professional boat maker to get a safe boat. So what is your role then?

I believe that if someone brought Mr J to court for some unfortunate incident, like self harm for example, this disclaimer would fall short to protect him from the law. This clumsy attempt to protect Balanced View from the law also betrays the fact that obviously they know that the system is not that miraculous and in some cases can even be counter productive, especially with people with mental health issues.

What I want to point out here is that this, for me dishonest exaggeration in claiming results, creates unrealistic expectations in suffering people that could have harmful consequences. They may jump into the system buying into its seduction disregarding their current treatments or fall into self blaming and inadequacy later on, when they don’t experience all the amazing results claimed by others .

This latter is a hidden pain in several balanced view participants and I have known it in my own experience. Some people use the above mentioned “bold” speech in sharing how amazing is their life to convince themselves and each other that all is well although deep down they know it is not. In this way they also reinforce the same self blame and sense of inadequacy in others in a co-created collective disfunction.

Balanced View trainers do not have the background and skills to deal with these dynamics (which probably are affecting them as well) and eventually things can get worse rather than better in participating in the training. Only when people leave the system then they allow themselves to share this secret pain with others.

I have seen cases of participants being asked to leave group sessions in the middle of them. only because they said things or showed behaviours that the trainers are just not skilled enough to deal with or more simply challenge their certainties. The person is basically blamed not to be stable enough and therefore disturbing the safety of the group hence the need to leave and stay out until they decide otherwise. With high probability this will re-traumatize people who have been abused in their past by yet another rejection and abandonment following the initial seduction and promise of unconditional love.

I have also seen people who settled into a dependency relationship with the system and basically replace their life with the training. Constantly plugged into trainers’ podcasts day after day, year after year. Seven training calls a week, masses of service, working to get enough money to do trainings and gatherings and moving from one to the other. Dependency generates great relief and there can be some good in it for people who otherwise would struggle to cope with life, but it remains questionable if this can be considered a miraculous result or rather another potentially harmful situation.

No leader of Balanced View seems to care about the risk of harming people with this attraction/rejection dynamic, the creation of unrealistic expectations and the development of dependency. The highest priority seems to be the protection, celebration and aggrandisement of their method: people appear to come second.

They mainly show interest for people who can provide them with dazzling testimonials about the miracles of their training while they tend to disregard all others. What happens to the people who are ‘forcefully’ kept out of the training, or leave it out of exasperated disappointment, is not their business, as I have seen a trainer stating explicitly. I consider this careless attitude another big instance of irresponsibility.

Many people after leaving the training go through a difficult experience of withdrawal where the world that they trusted and relied upon completely for many years, falls apart. Fortunately in the recent years a group of ex participants has created a network of peer-support for reintegration in society after leaving Balanced View, which has helped dozens and dozens of people from various parts of the world.

Whoever has been involved in the training cannot deny that for many people and particularly the ones with issues like depression, anxiety, addictions, dependencies etc, the training just does not work, even after many years of dedicated practice. If I look at my direct observation through my years of involvement, I would say that the success rate (meaning the achievement of stable remarkable resolution of core issues) is lower than 50% (Interesting that Mr J himself in his letters mentions that only 40% of contacted people book his miraculous call). The other 50+% are suggested to try harder, to do more trainings, more service, more gatherings, putting Balanced View at top priority in their life so they will eventually have the results.

The more solid individuals at some point just leave and move on, but the more vulnerable can get trapped into this dependency. The ones who have got a less extreme personal trainer, will eventually receive suggestion to reach out for professional help, go back to therapy, self help groups etc, but these are a lucky minority in my opinion.

Recently the tragic loss of a participant who took their life while active for years in Balanced View, although certainly not imputable to the training, should at least be enough to invite Balanced View leaders to a more realistic and prudent approach in claiming miraculous results.

There is nothing wrong for a method to have less than 100% success rate, 50% or so would be already brilliant given the difficult area of mental and emotional stability that the Balanced View training deals with. I would really invite Candice O’Denver to seriously consider to relax her need to claim that her method always works (she calls it “an algorithm” for this reason) and be content with just having a good success rate in terms of helping people to improve their lives, even though they will not achieve the “end of ALL suffering”.

This obsession for 100% miraculous results and the boombastic marketing surrounding it, does not really bring any benefit to anyone and as shown previously, it creates difficulties and potential harm to the people who get involved.

I confess that I still hold the hope that by reading these reflections and seeing his writing made public, Mr J himself, for the high regard that I once had of him, may be struck and reconsider his way of running the Balanced View business by adopting a more sober, respectful and responsible form of communication. This would certainly make things more real, safe and in my opinion would be also more effective in making people interested in the training, reducing the dramatic dropout rate which has depleted most of local BV communities in the latest years.

How beautiful would be to see a Balanced View which on one hand humbly offers its training to contribute to the benefit of all alongside other methods without needing to dismiss and criticize them, and on the other hand accepts the reality that sometimes for some people their training is not the best fit.

I personally wish that Mr J can soon find the courage to step out from his current role of ‘conscienceless salesman’, and can resume in himself the remarkable wisdom, integrity and authentic care for people which used to inspire me and many others and that by reading his emails seems to have gone sadly lost.

This is my just personal opinion, yours could be different. If you want to see the emails with your own eyes and judge for yourself, just grab a cup of tea, sit down, relax and read on. You will find a gallery of a section of 3 months of Mr J’s communication. I and Joseph only put some comments here and there where we felt there was something to point out.

I thought these reflections can be of help to people that are really struggling at the moment and may become easy prey of these seductive marketing methods.

With Love


P.s. the photo collage at the end of the gallery was made by Joseph.

Emails Gallery (courtesy of Joseph)

All emails are from : Mr J <MrJR*y*z@balancedview.org>

It starts with a ‘contrived’ apology ..

Subject: I’m sorry

Date: Mon Jan 29 19:02:51 CET 2018


Dear Joseph,

I owe you an apology.

We were just doing a participant review of what’s happened in the last couple of months. In just that short span of

time, our participants in the Twelve Empowerments Training have been able to:

* Enjoy peace of mind even in the midst of stressful situations,

* gain consistent access to wisdom and clarity to find solutions to whatever they face, and

* live a deeply fulfilling, purposeful life.

We’ve been so busy helping THEM achieve these kinds of extraordinary results that we haven’t had the time to schedule

more of the Two-Hour Trainings that we had last autumn to share with YOU how you can have consistent, permanent access

to a peaceful mind, compassion and wisdom in all areas of your life.

For that, I’m really sorry.

Every day we’ve been hearing from people who wake up insecure and uncertain in the morning, seeking real, deep

fulfillment and purpose in their life. An email from someone who is stressed and anxious about the pressure at work. A

Facebook message from someone overwhelmed by a messy, fragile relationship with someone they wanted to spend the rest of

their life with.

The truth is, it’s not hard to have consistent, permanent access to a peaceful mind, wisdom and fulfillment in all areas

of your life. It’s just that we’ve dropped the ball helping YOU get those kinds of results.

No more.

We had amazing feedback from our calls last week, so we’ve opened up some more time in the next week to speak to some

ultra-committed people about how you can tap into this kind of deep fulfillment in your life in just eight weeks without

having to get up at 4am to meditate for the rest of your life (or learning more complicated practices and rules).

There’s no charge for this call and it’s totally free.

But it’s not for everyone.

Here’s who we can help:

1. Our program is only for you if you are ready for a real, deep transformation. That means there is no way to control

the outcome by what you take yourself to be today. You will expand beyond your comfort zone, and we will be with you all

the way, but you need to be open for the real deal.

2. Getting these results is a REAL priority for you in your life. You’re committed and willing to follow suggestions.

Maintaining a 100% success rate is VERY important to us. This process is guaranteed if there is openness and follow

through. But you must be serious and committed about getting these results.

If you’re tired of endless seeking and putting endless effort in practices with mediocre results, and you’re ready to

start getting real breakthroughs, then we’re making the time to show you how it’s done.

Click here to book your session: http://www.bright.lc/apply

All the best,


P.S. This email is going out to 5,000+ people, so spaces WILL fill up fast! Click_here_now_and_book_your_session_before


[Note the attempt to put pressure on the customer with a soon expiring offer. Also a first example of dismissive reference to other methods and practices that are taken for granted as not working for Joseph. Note that the only condition put in getting the results is seriousness and commitment of the participants, which subtly implies that if they don’t get the results the people have to be questioned, not the method ]

After a week …

Subject: Hello there!

Date: Tue Feb 06 19:00:58 CET 2018


Dear Joseph,

Do you still need help to have true fulfillment in life?

Great Love,

After another week …

Subject: Where are you stuck right now?

Date: Wed Feb 14 19:00:58 CET 2018


Dear Joseph,

I know that you probably have sticking points in enjoying complete fulfillment in life. Most people do. That’s why we

want to help.

So please reply to this email and share with me, where are you most stuck right now?

Are you…

1. Struggling to have a calm mind and wanting to do so much more but fearful of stepping up

2. Secretly doubting and second-guessing your decisions and feeling anxious and nervous when you present them to


3. Unsure of how to live a purpose-driven life without burning out?

4. Trying all kinds of practices but still have the nagging feeling that you’re missing something really fundamental

and do not see any real and lasting shifts?

5. Did we miss your favorite one? Let me know what it is!

Great Love,

After two days

Subject: I didn’t expect that… But we can help

Date: Fri Feb 16 19:00:52 CET 2018


Dearest Joseph,

Wow… I heard from so many, who feel stuck in life, and even though they have a burning desire to live a deeply meaningful life

and be the change they want to see in the world, they do not see a clear way forward.

Getting unstuck is an important issue. Not just for you, but for your family, your career and your team, your community and the


If you don’t unlock this, it will mean knowing in your heart that you are meant to make a real contribution to the world but

feeling you just don’t know how to do that.

Or secretly feeling complete meaninglessness in life, no matter how happy and successful you look to others.

Or constantly comparing yourself to others and feeling like you are burning yourself out with the pressure and stress of

juggling your work and family life.

Believe me, I understand how this is. And we can help.

So, I’m going to offer a private 45-minute webinar called “Inner Peace, Wisdom and Fulfillment – 5 Steps to Live a Truly

Purposeful Life at Work and at Home” only for people in our Facebook Group and on our email list.

We have spots for only 100 people.

Here are a few things we’re going to cover:

* How to have a calm mind even if your responsibilities and workload are increasing.

* How to have consistent access to clarity and wisdom so that solving challenging problems is fun and exciting instead of a


* How to live a purpose-driven life without burning out.

AND, I’ll be revealing 3 detailed case studies of how our participants are able to be grounded and centered in their core no

matter what’s on their plate.

It’s all happening live on Sunday 18 February at 9am PT / 6pm CET. Click here to register: http://www.bright.lc/webinar

As of right now, there are 5000 people on our email list and in our Bright Facebook Group combined, and just 100 spots…so

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I look forward to seeing you there,

With Great Love,

Mr J

P.S. By the way…if you have ANY specific questions or concerns you’d like me to address, post them in_the_Facebook_Group or respond

to this email and I’ll do my best to work them in!

The day after

Subject: How much is it costing you to stay stuck?

Date: Sat Feb 17 19:00:48 CET 2018


Hello Joseph,

There’s only 1 day left until our live webinar…

If you aren’t signed up for it yet, here are the details:


“Inner Peace, Wisdom & Fulfillment – 5 Steps to Live a Truly Purposeful Life at Work and at Home”

Date/time: Sunday 18 February at 9am PT / 6pm CET

Click here to register for free: http://www.bright.lc/webinar

If know in your heart that you are meant to make a real contribution to the world but feel you just don’t know how to do


If you feel like you are burning yourself out with the pressure and stress of juggling your work and family life…

If you want me to personally help you put a complete stop to the endless seeking and have consistent access to true

fulfillment for the rest of your life…

Then you NEED to be on this webinar: http://www.bright.lc/webinar

When you consider it, you have a choice…

1) You can stay STUCK.

You can continue to try all kinds of tools, mindset tricks and practices to fix your issues with no lasting results.

You can trap yourself in worries about money and the future no matter how much is in your bank account or how positively

you try to think about your situation.

You can continue to try on your own even though that fire and passion you had when you started out has gone and you don’t

know how to get it back.

That’s not what we want for you. And I know it’s not what you envision for yourself either.

So, you can stay stuck….


2) You can allow me to personally help you.

With the RIGHT shift, you can open a treasure trove of all the qualities you have been looking for such as inner peace,

compassion, wisdom and the power to live in complete alignment with your highest purpose.

You can discover true compassion for yourself, your loved ones, everyone you interact with and all beings.

You can feel calm and stable even with exactly same responsibilities in your life, work, family, finances and relationship.

If that’s the kind of life you know you want, then I am here to help you…

You have 1 DAY left to sign up for this truly transformational and dynamic webinar!


I really look forward to seeing you there.

With Great Love,

The day after: three emails in three days!

Subject: 8 hours left – you don’t want to miss this…

Date: Sun Feb 18 10:00:36 CET 2018


Dear Joseph,

Let me ask you a simple question…


Costing in terms of money is one thing, just consider for a minute your cost in terms of time, focus, quality of life with your friends, family, community, the world.

Have you ever considered how much of your resources you’re using on feeling stuck and trying to get unstuck?

Let’s say your enrolling on another self-help course that’s promising some sort of trick, fix or gimmick to bring improvement to one area of your life for $497 or

maybe $999 or $1499.

Let’s say 50% of your time with friends, family and work colleagues is spent with an undermutter of thinking about how you or your life needs to change, or just

worrying about everything you think is wrong.

Let’s say 50% of your energy is going into the fix-me-project rather than using your precious focus in full-on, free-flowing, joyous service to your passions and

pouring it out to those you love and the world.

That’s a significant amount of resources you are losing every month to the ‘Never-Ending Me-Project’ that we end up calling ‘life’.

Well, this isn’t the life I want for you.

I want you to have a real life. A life you love completely with all your heart, where you wake up excited each morning because you are living in alignment with your

true purpose.

Where you have complete freedom from all these worries and finally make the shift you have been longing for.

Where you are shining with confidence and meeting people fully and deeply because that nagging fear and sense of something missing that was holding you back is

completely gone.

How many more months and years are you going to allow yourself to waste thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of your precious life on the ‘Never-Ending Me-


Today Sunday, I’m hosting a very special FREE LIVE webinar at 9am PT / 6pm CET. On that training, I will personally take you by the hand and WALK YOU through the

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Among many things, this is what I will share with you…

* The 5 essential shifts you need to put a complete stop to the endless seeking and have access to true fulfillment for the rest of your life

* What you need to identify and fully express your unique gifts and talents

* How you can have always-on access to inner peace, wisdom and compassion and give up all other effortful practices forever.

Now I can’t MAKE you take this next step.

That fire in your heart for peace, freedom and fulfillment has to come from YOU.

We have only 100 places, it’s first come, first served. You have just 8 hours left to get in on this special opportunity.

[ah ah ah you have ONLY 100 places. You said the same 2 days ago. Nobody booked in the last 48 hours? …. You still struggle to fill up the course at 8 hours from its start?! . Amusing. You lost my trust man 😊]

JOIN the free 45-minute “Inner Peace, Wisdom & Fulfillment – 5 Steps to Live a Truly Purposeful Life at Work and at Home” webinar HERE: http://www.bright.lc/webinar

I look forward to seeing you at later today, at 9am PT / 6pm CET!

With Great Love,

Mr J

After two days

Subject: Your webinar replay inside…

Date: Tue Feb 20 19:00:55 CET 2018


Dear Joseph,

On Sunday we gave one of the most important online Trainings we’ve ever done

[Wondering if they actually did it…. I mean with some audience in it 🙂 ] .

We_just_uploaded_the_replay about how to have inner peace, wisdom & fulfillment. We’re not sure how long it will stay up

there. But_I’d_love_you_to_have_access.

Here are a few things we covered:

* How to be grounded and centered in your core no matter what’s on your plate.

* How to have consistent access to clarity and wisdom so that solving challenging problems is fun and exciting instead of

a headache.

* How to have a more fulfilling career and create greater impact even if you secretly doubt your capacity right now.

* How to live the most purposeful life possible for a human being even if that sounds too good to be true.

* How to do all of this without having to meditate for hours every day, adopt a special diet, work on your karma or get

rid of your ego.

[Another go at the competitors: meditation, vegetarianism, buddhism, etc]

And definitely watch the whole thing because towards the end, where I have a special free opportunity so you can open a

treasure trove of all the qualities you have been looking for such as inner peace, compassion, wisdom and the power to

live in complete alignment with your highest purpose without any work or effort.

It’s absolutely essential that you get this information.

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With Great Love,

Mr J

After a week

Subject: Are you still searching?

Date: Tue Feb 27 19:00:58 CET 2018


Hello Joseph,

Are you still searching for INNER PEACE and FULFILLMENT in life?

That was the topic of our_latest_Facebook_Live_Interview. Dennis is sharing exactly how his own life transformed within

a matter of weeks after having been seeking for many years!

Jump over to the_Bright_Facebook_Group to learn how Dennis…

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… learned to be fearless in all moments,

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Dennis also shares his insights why what he tried before to have such results NEVER WORKED before he really took the

support to heart that he found in the Balanced View Training.


Any questions you have, just leave a comment below the video and we make sure your question gets answered to help you

bring these kinds of results into your life.

Great Love,

Mr J

P.S. Do you know in your heart that this is the time to start living a deeply purposeful life with inner peace, wisdom

and fulfillment, but you are not quite sure yet how to do that? Then_book_a_FREE_CALL_with_us today so we can look at

your life and make an action plan together.

The day after

Subject: Let’s chat tomorrow

Date: Wed Feb 28 19:00:50 CET 2018


Hello Joseph!

I’m just writing a quick email to let you know that we have some unexpected availability tomorrow, Friday March 2, to conduct a

Breakthrough_Call with you.

In the Breakthrough Call you will:

* get 100% clarity on the greatest fulfillment you want to reach in life,

* your biggest obstacles to reaching complete fulfillment,

* and how you can start living your dream life right away.

The demand for Breakthrough Call bookings has been immense, so if you’re interested in speaking with us, it’s better to book your call as soon as possible so you don’t end up on a waiting list.

[ Immense!? A master of hype 🙂]

Ready? Great! Book_your_call_here.

Talk soon!

Great Love,

Mr J

P.S. If you think you need to get rid of your ego, negative thoughts or emotions or have practiced for decades before booking a call,

please think again! You don’t. Just show up as you are. No need to waste your time any more on effortful practices, ineffective

techniques and expensive programs.

If you’re stuck in how to enjoy complete fulfillment and life satisfaction then please_book_a_call_and_let’s_speak_together. You

don’t need to let months fly by, when you can take up our help to get unstuck right away and start to enjoy a deeply meaningful and

fulfilling life.

After another week

Subject: Reality check: Is your strategy for peace and fulfillment really working?

Date: Mon Mar 05 19:01:11 CET 2018


Hello Joseph,

If you’ve been wondering…

… why it is so hard to transfer the peace from the meditation cushion into a business meeting, or

… why no matter how much money you have, the anxiety and fear keeps creeping back in, or

… why the calmness after a Yoga session does not last long, or

… why integrating positive thinking into a dire circumstance at home is like putting a tiny band-aid onto a gaping wound…

[They are desperate to discredit the competition]

Then I suggest you watch_the_replay_of_mine_and_Mia’s_Facebook_Live from Sunday in the Bright Facebook Group. We show you

exactly why most of the strategies for fulfillment don’t give lasting results.

We also show you how one simple (but radical) change in your life has the power to bring about the results other approaches

practices were only able to give you glimpses of at best.

We are giving precise details from our own lives and how they were transformed by putting this one simple change into action.

And the best is, you don’t need to get up at 4 in the morning, meditate for hours or eat a different diet. This one simple

change completely integrates into your life exactly as it is.


Great Love,

Mr J

P.S. Before you go – if you’ve been searching for some time and still feel stuck and uncertain about how to enjoy complete

fulfillment, wisdom and peace of mind then please_book_a_call_and_let’s_speak_together. We will help you get clarity on what

steps to take to enjoy a deeply meaningful and fulfilling life.

The day after

Subject: Let’s speak tomorrow (and an apology)

Date: Tue Mar 06 19:01:01 CET 2018


Hello Joseph,

Last week, we sent the email below saying we had extra availability for a_Breakthrough_Call with our team.

Well, we had no idea so many people would book a call and the spots filled up very quickly.

[ An obvious lie 😊 ]

And here’s what I want to let you know, we’ve managed to free up some more time slots in the calendar tomorrow but I’m

expecting they’ll fill up again very quickly.

In case you need a reminder of what this is all about…

Or if you missed that first email…

I’ve included the original email below (although I have changed the date):



Hello Joseph!

I’m just writing a quick email to let you know that we have some unexpected availability tomorrow, Friday March 9, to

conduct a_Breakthrough_Call with you.

In the Breakthrough Call you will:

* get 100% clarity on the greatest fulfillment you want to reach in life,

* your biggest obstacles to reaching complete fulfillment,

* and how you can start living your dream life right away.

The demand for Breakthrough Call bookings has been immense, so if you’re interested in speaking with us, it’s better to

book your call as soon as possible so you don’t end up on a waiting list.

Ready? Great! Book_your_call_here.

Talk soon!

Great Love,

Mr J

P.S. If you think you need to get rid of your ego, negative thoughts or emotions or need to have practiced for decades

before booking a call, please think again! You don’t. Just show up as you are. No need to waste your time any more on

effortful practices and ineffective programs.

If you’re stuck in how to enjoy complete fulfillment and life satisfaction then please_book_a_call_and_let’s_speak

together. You don’t need to let months fly by, when you can take up our help to get unstuck right away and start to

enjoy a deeply meaningful and fulfilling life.

After a week: “two daily emails and then a week” sort of rhythm

Subject: How to get from desperation to complete freedom

Date: Tue Mar 13 19:00:51 CET 2018


Hello Joseph,

Do you sometimes feel a nagging, underlying unease, tension and anxiety when you are with other people even though you appear

confident and easygoing?

Or maybe you have straight-out anxiety and panic attacks?

Or you’re dealing with other overwhelming thoughts and emotions?

Then you’ll love this_interview_I_had_with_Max_in_the_Bright_Facebook_Group. He so courageously shares about his experience


* facing anxiety and existential fear from a very young age and how this impacted his life,

* desperately searching for relief in medicine, psychology, science, breathing techniques, spirituality and many other ways,

* and becoming increasingly focused on finding the ultimate solution to end all his suffering.

We also cover…

… how he found the end of a decade of suffering,

… discovered the answer to his deepest questions about his purpose and passion,

… and how he can now live with overflowing gratitude for everyone in his life.

It’s been a total joy and honor to share this time with Max, and I am sure you’ll love meeting him as well!


Great Love,

Mr J

P.S. Before you go – if you’ve been searching for some freedom, relief and the answer to the suffering in challenging and

stressful circumstances, and bring balance, stability and fulfillment time to all aspects of your life, then we_would_love_to

invite_you_to_book_a_FREE_call_and_speak_together. We will support you get clarity on what steps to take to enjoy a deeply

meaningful and satisfying life.

Oops, … he skipped a day.

Subject: An important lesson I’ve learned…

Date: Thu Mar 15 19:00:53 CET 2018


Hello Joseph,

Since our webinar we received many questions about how to be balanced, grounded, centered and clear in challenging


… Like, when someone you love has a serious illness.

… Or your workload keeps increasing and you’re wondering how to carve out family time let alone time for your practice.

… Or when you are feeling anxiety and depression, or other challenging thoughts and emotions, like the constant inner

voice that is critiquing everything you’re doing.

I remember, before putting this Training into action, it was so hard to bring what I had glimpses of in my practice (if

it was a lucky day!) into my everyday life, especially the challenging situations. But isn’t a practice meant to support

us exactly where and when it is most needed? When we don’t have that…

… we keep struggling

… we keep spinning in the hamster wheel

… and feel more hopeless and overwhelmed because we try so hard but that meditation practice still isn’t giving us


So here is an important lesson I learned. A practice we devote our precious time to should support us in every

circumstance of life. Otherwise, it’s like buying a fancy car and not having any gas, it is useless. It can even make

life more annoying.

That is why I love the practice I have learned here, it integrates seamlessly into every aspect of my life, and quickly

becomes accessible on-demand no matter what circumstance we’re in. And there is a ton of support available with Trainers,

Trainings and a lively community.

So if you are ready to make a real leap into a purposeful life where peace, wisdom and fulfillment are seamlessly

integrated into all areas of your every day, we invite you to book a Free Call with us to consider how you can get from

where you are today to exactly this lifestyle. You can book your call here: http://www.bright.lc/apply.

With Great Love,

Mr J

Punctually back after a week.

Subject: Breakthrough Call tomorrow? 100% up to you…

Date: Thu Mar 22 19:00:51 CET 2018


Hi Joseph,

Would you have time for a call tomorrow?

I ask because I just went through the names of all the people like you who’ve attended our trainings but did not yet booked a call with us.

[ Hey Mr j, I have never attended any of your trainings. ]

As I look through that list, I wonder, “What are we doing wrong that Joseph isn’t deciding to get on a Breakthrough Call with us?”

I wonder that because most people never even take the time to inform themselves the way you have.

After all, you’re still on our email list and you’re reading this email right now, so I know you are serious about discovering inner peace, wisdom and fulfillment.

That’s exactly why you’re perfect for a Breakthrough Call with me or Mia. And, I’ve opened up some extra times just for tomorrow and the following days.

It’s specifically for people like you who want to live a deeply meaningful life and be the change they want to see in the world: http://www.bright.lc/apply

Still, I get it, phone calls can be intimidating. You might have been on the wrong end of a few bad ones. I know I have. For that reason Mia and I will make ourselves

fully available to ensure that those 45 minutes on that call are truly enriching and of benefit to you.

Think of it like this…

If all you ever got from getting on the phone with us was a bit of extra clarity about your life direction… one insight into how you could have a fulfilling and

easeful work situation and truly loving relationships at home… if all you got was just one of those things… wouldn’t that be worth 45 minutes of your time?

I think so, but it’s 100% your choice to book the call. We can’t book it for you.

So, if you are ready for a Breakthrough Call, take a deep breath, smile ;)… and book your call now:


I guarantee it will be one of the most amazing calls of your life… could even be the day that turns your life around.

But we won’t know until you book the call:


With Great Love

Mr J

P.S. One thing people often wonder about is whether or not the Balanced View Training can really work for them in their life. Maybe you wonder the same thing? If so,


If we can help, we’ll let you know what is your best next step. And if we think another solution is better suited for you right now, we’ll let you know that too:


Another week … he is now concerned that I am scared

Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2018, 18:03

Subject: Is FEAR holding you back?

Hi Joseph,

Over the last weeks, hundreds of people have signed up for our free Training called, “Inner Peace, Wisdom & Fulfillment: 5

Steps to Live a Truly Purposeful Life at Work and at Home”. Every second of this Training is packed with precious gems, key

information and the 5 shifts that you need to make to stop searching for inner peace and fulfillment and start living it, not

in the future, but today and then every day.

About 30–40% of people who watch the Training jump at the chance to book a free call with us. They realize we hold the

secrets to TRULY getting consistent access to peace of mind and freedom from suffering without having to meditate for hours

every day, follow their breath, try to accept difficulties, get rid of the ego or work on the pain body.

[ A further go at the competitors: Yoga, Meditation, Psychological methods, etc. They explicitly state here to be the only ones to “hold the secret” and give TRUE results :-\]

BUT, that means 60%+ who watch the webinar, don’t book a call with us.

What would keep someone from taking action? Why would someone ‘wait until later’ to schedule a call with us?

The answer?


Fear that they’re not ready.

Fear that they’re not doing it right.

Fear that it won’t work for them.

Do you ever have these fears?

Honestly, I’d be surprised if you didn’t.

These are the 3 most common ‘fears’ we hear on a daily basis from people who decide to participate in the the Twelve

Empowerments Training.

Notice I said: “from people who participate in the Twelve Empowerments Training.”

That means, they did it with those fears.

They didn’t allow those fears to keep them from having complete freedom from suffering.

They didn’t allow those fears to hold them back from the fulfilling life they want.

They didn’t allow those fears to keep them from taking action TODAY.

If you’re feeling any of those fears, I want to invite YOU to do it with those fears.

You CAN do this and we CAN help you.

But nothing in your life will change if you continue to be wrapped up in fear!

You can do that today, by_booking_a_call_with_me_or_Mia.

It’s time to move toward your dreams and friend the fear.

There’s no better time than today. CLICK_HERE to schedule your call.

Speak soon,

With Great Love,

Mr J

P.S. My favorite F word is FREEDOM. My personal experience of freedom is knowing complete peace of mind, mental and emotional

stability, well-being in every moment and total confidence to be exactly as I am. If you like the sound of that, it’s

available for you…and remember the fear doesn’t need to change. BOOK_A_CALL_today.

Less than a week this time

Subject: How to have 100% access to peace and freedom

Date: Tue Apr 03 19:00:55 CEST 2018


Hey Joseph,


Because Lizzie, perhaps like you, always wanted loving, harmonious relationships and to live a life of peace and freedom.

Trouble was…she had no consistent way to live this. It was hit and miss.

How she responded to life, family, friends, work situations was based on her thoughts and emotions. If she was having one of those good days – great! If she wasn’t, well…not so great.

Lizzie was constantly trying to not feel negative, and keep feeling positive, but she could never find permanent relief.

Lizzie was driven, nothing she tried worked. Nothing gave true lasting results.

…Positive thinking failed.

…Avoiding life failed.

…Conventional success and relationships failed.

It all failed to give access to complete, reliable wellbeing and deep satisfaction, she knew was possible.

Then, she stumbled across a Balanced View meeting, and got an introduction to the nature of mind… and found what is completely, 100% reliable in every moment. The search was over.

But her journey didn’t end with just relief. In fact, as you’ll hear, she started to see benefits throughout her life – her relationships, her family, her friendships – she started to live and relate in the way she had always known was


Now that sounds like it was simple – and it is. Yet, as_Lizzie_shares_in_this_video, while it was simple, it takes training up. Training up the recognition of the nature of mind, so that it is accessible and 100% reliable in every moment.

Click_here_and_hear_Lizzie_share_exactly_how_she_brought_this_about, how she chooses the support of Balanced View because it brings results! You will learn the steps you can take and what is available to you today to start to live your life of


I think you’ll love hearing Lizzie’s story and feel clear and confident about what’s required to go from where you are to where you want to go.


With Great Love,

Mr J

P.S. Once you watch, if you think you’re ready to end the search for true peace and freedom from suffering –book_a_call_with_Mia_or_myself. We can’t wait to meet you.

Two days later

Subject: One week and see the difference…

Date: Thu Apr 05 19:00:59 CEST 2018


Hello Joseph,

Every day in our Facebook Groups, participants are stepping forward and spontaneously sharing the truth about the breakthroughs and amazing results from our training.

It always warms my heart to read them. Your results confirm we are living up to our deepest passion and the very reason for doing what we do – for you to enjoy consistent inner peace and freedom from suffering.

I don’t share every post… but I was moved to share this one from Uli in Singen, Germany. She started the Twelve Empowerments only a week before writing this.

Someone needs to hear this today. Maybe it’s you.


Blissful, it is all I can say. This Training is the biggest treasure I have come across because it solidifies my understanding.

The Twelve Empowerments make it practical for everyday life. So far, the Training has helped me to recognize how stuck I was. I continuously see how I set myself up in the ocean of conditioned learned patterns.

I will share some small examples: “I don’t like writing”and “I am not a good writer”. These beliefs cut me off from all social media to the extent that I answered emails with the shortest reply possible. Over time, people stopped writing me.

I constantly criticized my friends and I did not accept invitations until I did not get invited anymore. I totally isolated myself.

Recently invitations are coming that I would have never accepted because I was in my mind already so critical, “will I like it?”, “will I like the people?” , “will this happen or that?” on and on. Now I see what I have been doing in all aspects and now I go everywhere again.

I had created my own prison. The Twelve Empowerments freed me and I am so grateful. Brilliant!

I can only recommend it because of their practicality in everyday life.

Many, many thanks,

So much Love,


====END ULI’S POST ====

What is holding you back from living a completely flourishing life free from suffering?

Book_your_Breakthrough_Call_now. For 45 minutes, Mia or I will look at your life – where you are now and where you want to be. Then we’ll make a tailored suggestion for how you can get there effortlessly.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Great Love,

Mr J

P.S. Access_our_Facebook_Group if you haven’t yet for more participant shares, Facebook Lives, Community and Trainer support.

5 days later …

Subject: The ‘Me’ project is over

Date: Tue Apr 10 19:00:59 CEST 2018


Hello Joseph,

Do you ever feel life just isn’t providing the fulfillment you want even though you have everything you need?

Do you wonder how you will ever find your purpose and focus?

Do you find yourself resisting the mainstream but still struggle with the alternatives?

Do you try to stop your suffering by changing your job, relationship, house, location but find it’s an endless task with no lasting results?

Do you love your friends and family but feel alone and yearn for a wider community that can support and inspire you to really fly?

I_want_you_to_watch_to_our_latest_Facebook_Live. It’s a very personal and motivating share.

Henry and I talk about what happened to his effortful, solo ‘Me’ project, when he came across Balanced View.

If you’ve been seeking and trying to find solutions alone (or mostly alone) and are bored, frustrated and exhausted of the ‘Me’ project with few

results, feeling like there is only more efforting in sight to get ‘there’…

Now you can choose a better way.

How about taking up a time-tested solution that ends all suffering and share the journey with a community of like-minded open-hearted friends around

the world who are implementing this in their own lives with incredible results?

This is what Henry did and now he, his family, his friends, the world are all reaping the benefits:

* Going beyond anything he thought he was capable of.

* Discovering his true passion (and guess what, it wasn’t what he thought it was his whole life.)

* Ending ALL suffering that kept him self-focused and distracted from loving and living fully into his life’s purpose.

You will learn how these benefits are quickly available to you too, and how you can take the next step to make complete fulfilment and peace your new

and permanent lifestyle.

So, if you are struggling in life, feeling lost or constantly searching for meaning and true purpose – maybe it’s time you stopped going solo and

reached out.


With Great Love,

Mr J

P.S. Once you’ve watched the Live, then you’ll know that there is an obvious next step to bring about the end of all suffering in your life. Book_a


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Balanced View, PO Box 933, Mill Valley, California 94942, United States

A week later end of gallery … Am I tired of the ‘nothing’?

Subject: What really matters

Date: Thu Apr 12 19:00:57 CEST 2018


Hey Joseph,

Service is everything.

Each week new people embark on the transformational Twelve Empowerments training and start to be in active touch with their personal Trainer to guide them through the Empowerments and beyond into a life of complete inner peace and freedom from


As a Team, this makes us REALLY happy 🙂

It’s what counts, this is what we give everything for – YOUR RESULTS.

If you have complete peace and freedom from intense negative thoughts and emotions even in the midst of serious illness or bodily pain.

And if you’re bringing back love, warmth and joy to the relationships with your partner, children and family.

And if you’re enjoying complete fulfillment and have consistent, permanent access to a peaceful mind, compassion and the wisdom to bring these qualities into all areas of your life.

…then we’re happy. Until that point, we’re fully focused on you and you accessing the peaceful nature that is your birthright.

But for us to help you realize your true nature, we just need YOU to do something first.

We need you to book_a_call.

Here’s the truth: the Twelve Empowerments isn’t for everyone. That’s why there’s no “Add to Cart” button to join it. We won’t let you join the training unless we are 100% confident we can help you get THE RESULTS you’re looking for.

For us to know that, we have to talk!

And please know this…we are here to serve.

Even if it becomes clear that we’re ultimately not a fit to work together (unlikely if you’re still reading this) the call itself will still be the most valuable 45 minutes you’ve ever spent reflecting on your life.

You’ll have perfect clarity on your life, where you are right now and where you want to be, and exactly how you can live a life free from suffering and end the search today.

We want to give you the BEST the world has to offer in terms of timeless wisdom traditions and contemporary support algorithm to guarantee you immediate and reliable access to your true nature no matter what.

Book_a_call_with_us, and let us show you how to access your greatest gift.

Speak soon,

With Great Love

Mr J

P.S. You know what happens if you don’t book a call?


If too much nothing is what you’re tired of, book_a_call and let’s see if we can’t make something happen. The time is now.


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